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Running Feb 22-24, tune in to watch dozens of student-lead segments, one-on-one discussions with MSA representatives and some incredible student artists all delivered to you from different locations around the Clayton campus.

Stream Schedule


Festival Launch

2:00 PM

Meet Your Student Department Reps

2:05 PM

Every year, student representatives are elected to lead twelve MSA departments that focus on the areas most important to students. Tune in to meet your 2021 student reps.

Meet Your Student Division Reps

2:20 PM

MSA has four autonomous divisions that provide tailored services to specific groups within the student population. Meet our division presidents and learn more about MSA.

O–Fest Entertainment | Day 1

2:30 PM

Incredible student artists performing from iconic locations all around Clayton campus! Enjoy performances by Launa Sings, Bradley and Sanika, Lucienne Wynne, Koko and the Monash Dance Society.

Joining a Club & MSA Rewards

3:15 PM

Learn more about MSA Clubs and Societies, MSA Rewards and how joining both can improve your student experience at Monash.

Campus Tour

3:20 PM

With so many different buildings and lecture halls, Clayton campus can get confusing. Explore the campus and let our friendly guide help you make sense of it all.

Guide to Uni Life | Panel Discussion

3:30 PM

Join the MSA President, Radio Monash President, MUISS President and C&S President as they dive into all things campus culture, clubs, study advice, support services and more!


Explore Welfare Services at Monash

2:00 PM

Student life can be challenging, but we have some incredible welfare services to help you along the way! Join Charlotte as she guides us through the support avalible to you whilst at Monash.

International Students | Panel Discussion

2:05 PM

The MUISS team discuss student life as an international student at Monash.

O–Fest Entertainment | Day 2

2:30 PM

Incredible student artists performing from iconic locations all around Clayton campus! Enjoy performances by Max Bruten, Amber Rose, Bay Trail, Taish and Taste Duds.

MSA Services & Programs Introduction

3:15 PM

MSA is home to many services and programs. From volunteering to student theatre, from our recreational library to student advocacy – explore what MSA has to offer.

MSA Clubs | Panel Discussion

3:25 PM

MSA Clubs & Societies President Frankie and a panel of club leaders talk everything C&S.


MSA Businesses Introduction

2:00 PM

Learn about MSA outlets like Sir John's Bar, Biker Co, Wholefoods and MSA Training and Professional Development.

Explore SSAF

2:05 PM

Wondering what the Student Services and Amenities Fee (SSAF) is, or how it's spent every year? Join Bailey as he explains the ins and outs of how SSAF works and how MSA utilises this funding.

Student Theatre Panel

2:10 PM

The MUST team talk all things student theatre and how to get involved at Monash!

O–Fest Entertainment | Day 3

2:50 PM

Incredible student artists performing from iconic locations all around Clayton campus! Enjoy performances by Amy Lyon, Luckless Pedestrians, Nichola Ingvarson, Kitty Rae and Monash Juggling and Firetwirling Club.

Explore MSA Volunteering

3:30 PM

Interested in becoming an MSA Volunteer? It's one of the best ways to get involved in campus life, make friends and learnign new skills. Join Tara as she walks us through her experience as a student volunteer with MSA.

Women in Leadership | Panel Discussion

3:35 PM

Join Monash's undergraduate student union presidents from Clayton, Caulfield and Peninsula campuses as they celebrate a momentous time in Monash's history, with 2021 being the first year that all five student president positions are concurrently held by women.

Festival Closer

3:50 PM

Missed Something?

MSA President's Welcome

Meet the MSA President.

Meet our Student Divisions

Meet all MSA's division presidents

Meet our Student Departments

Meet your students reps for 2021!

Entertainment Day 1

Student artists light up the campus

Joining a Club & MSA Rewards

Explore everything Clubs and MSA Rewards

Campus Tour

Explore the Clayton campus

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